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NJ-based Mental Health-Focused Nonprofit Creates a Virtual Fundraiser (

“We hear again and again that mental health matters. It does. For all of us. The mental health effects of the pandemic could linger long after the crisis has passed…”– Shore House, a nonprofit mental health support center in Long Branch, NJ Our mental health is one of the most important things that we possess as individuals. This is a very simple fact that far-too-often gets buried in the rigmarole of daily life as we wade through our routines, passing from one stressor to another. The current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated life even further in a...

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Mental Health Problems Do Not Just Go Away (

We’ve all seen the stories – celebrities admitting they have mental health problems, seeking treatment, and leaving the facilities “all better” and returning to whatever it is they do that has put their life in the spotlight. Michael Phelps, one of the best Olympic swimmers of all time, knows better. And unlike most, he is open about his depression. “The thing is – and people who live with mental health issues all know this – it never goes away,” he said. “You have good days and bad. But there’s never a finish line. I’ve done so many interviews after [the...

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"My PTSD can be a weight. But in this pandemic, it feels like a superpower." (

One woman's account of how her struggle with complex PTSD has helped her to cope with the on-going pandemic.

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Jason Swanson

American Red Cross Offering Free Mental Health First Aid Course

American Red Cross is offering a mental health first aid course for free.

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