Our Mission

To normalize the conversation about mental health and eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental health challenges so that those who fight in silence can finally seek the help they need and want without fear of social repercussions.

Our Vision

Through the creation of real and relatable apparel and the sharing of knowledge and resources, we strive to cultivate an environment wherein those who struggle with mental health challenges can feel free to express themselves and share their personal stories.

Our Brand

IFHP Clothing Co. is a statement intended to combat the stigma and judgments associated with mental health challenges.

Our message was initially intended to be communicated primarily through thematic apparel designs, but has quickly evolved. Now we take a much more proactive approach to mental health awareness in the form of news and information sharing, a new podcast that is currently in development, and an as-yet undisclosed project that will be a monumental undertaking for a young start-up.

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The Wreck Collection

Wreck is our primary avatar by which we tell our stories. He represents us all.

The ENDING 22 Collection

Our ENDING 22 Collection is designed specifically to raise awareness toward ending Veteran suicide. 10% of profits from this collection will go to Mission 22.

The Retro/Vintage Collection

The Retro Collection is simple and fun, but still supports the message.

The Black & White Collection

The Black & White Collection. The art is black, the shirts are white. Contrast. It is raw artwork that tells a raw story.

Wreck Hoodies

Hoodies from our Wreck Collection. Stay warm while reppin' our main guy.

ENDING 22 Hoodies

Hoodies from our ENDING 22 Collection. Help us do our part to raise awareness and end Veteran suicide. 10% of profits from this collection will go to Mission 22.

Retro/Vintage Hoodies

Hoodies from our Retro/Vintage Collection -- because no personal collection is complete without something from this catalog!

Black & White Hoodies

Hoodies from our Black & White Collection. Stylish, artistic, and raw. We love them and we know you're gonna love them as well!