About Us

We're Not "Just Another Clothing Line"


Far from it, actually...

IFHP Clothing Co. was created in October 2018 with the intent of raising and spreading awareness regarding mental health and mental health challenges. In order to do this, we must first educate the general population about the realities of mental health struggles, both common and uncommon, and dispel the associated myths -- of which there are many. Then and only then can we eliminate the stigma surrounding our personal battles and truly begin to heal.


Why Mental Health?


Mental health is one of the most important things we possess as people, and yet here we are in the 21st century and it's still a taboo subject. Mental health issues have been stigmatized into the ground while society as a whole has allowed external influences to define normalcy, beauty, and happiness for us all. Consequently, we have hidden our wounds from everybody, including those closest to us, in hopes of convincing those around us that we fit what has become the popular perception of "normal".

Unfortunately, hiding our wounds only allows them to silently fester, and because we exert so much effort trying to fit society's definition of normal, we often lack the physical and mental strength necessary to fight back.

At IFHP Clothing Co., we want to turn the tables on society and normalize the conversation about mental health. We want to foster an environment wherein mainstream discussions can finally include such topics as depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicide prevention, and more in a civil and understanding manner.

Once we have this paradigm shift, those who have been fighting their demons in silence can finally seek the help they want and need without fear of social repercussions.