New DNA Test to Offer Mental Health Insights

New DNA Test to Offer Mental Health Insights



Important Note: IFHP Clothing Co. is in no way sponsored by Genomind, we are not endorsing this product or company, and we have not used or otherwise evaluated the product described in this article. We are simply providing information for your general mental health-oriented knowledge.


We've all heard of at-home DNA tests. You order a kit from a company like 23andMe, swab your cheek or spit in a tube, send the kit back, and get results online that tell you about your ancestry. Some of the kits even offer information about your physical health, such as predispositions to certain diseases or conditions. A new test promises to focus on genetic predispositions focused around mental health.

Genomind has been helping clinicians make treatment decisions for patients with mental illness since 2009, and they recently released a direct-to-consumer genetic testing kit. The kit focuses on seven areas of mental wellness:

  1. Sleep
  2. Stress and anxiety
  3. Focus and memory
  4. Eating behavior
  5. Mood
  6. Social behavior
  7. Habits and substance abuse

Several advocacy groups have agreed to include access to their educational resources with the test results, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America, and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

Again, IFHP isn't endorsing this product or claiming the science of mental health is settled, but this product is fascinating. If DNA tests can show us where our ancestors came from or whether we're at risk of cancer, why wouldn't they be capable of telling us something about our memory retention or anxiety? Genomind seems to be a well established company with a history of using genetics to help doctors and patients find the right treatment options. If anyone has the capability to help us figure out what makes us tick, it might be these guys.


Check out this article in the Baytown Sun for more information.


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