Mental Health Care Innovator "Mindstrong Health" Secures New Financing (

“…1 in 25 [US adults] experience serious mental illness, and the pandemic is making these numbers worse. Meanwhile, more than 60% of US counties don’t have a single practicing psychiatrist.” – Joe Lansdale, founder of 8VC and Mindstrong Health investor.

What is Mindstrong Health? It’s a healthcare innovation company that is dedicated to transforming mental health using tech. The company recently appointed former Uber exec Daniel Graf as CEO, which seems to signal that they want to “lead from the front” in terms of implementing the technology of today (and tomorrow) in order to expand their care capabilities both now and into the future. After recently raising $100 million in new financing, their future looks exciting.

“Think of us as a virtual hospital…” – Daniel Graf, Mindstrong Health CEO.

In an article from in late 2019, Mindstrong founder Paul Dagum stated that the company pioneered “passive brain health measurement using a smartphone,” and indicated just how proud he has been of the progress that the company has been making in terms of delivering better care at lower cost for those who suffer from serious mental illness. Between 2018 and 2019, up to 33% of adults who suffer from a serious mental illness were unable to receive proper care. In a world where statistics like this exist, we need companies like Mindstrong Health. The Mindstrong smartphone app, available right now on Google Play and Apple's App Store, acts as a gateway to “round-the-clock virtual care for patients with serious mental illness.” Enabled by digital biomarker technology, the app can actually trigger alerts to both the patient and the care provider when these markers indicate a patient’s mental health may be at risk.


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