Black Mental Health Matters, Volume 1

Black Mental Health Matters, Volume 1


The mental health of black people in America is challenged every day. Viral videos of black men being killed, stories about black people being harassed and having the police called on them while they're just going about their lives, suspicious looks when a black person drives through "the wrong neighborhood," and so many more systemic problems do constant harm to the mental well-being of all African Americans. Preston Mitchum, a civil rights advocate and professor at Georgetown Law Center, highlights the physical symptoms that can accompany the mental anguish of watching another black man killed on camera. Stomach pain, racing heart, and headache are all very real symptoms.

"It's similar to living in a war zone." - Rwenshaun Miller, founder of the nonprofit Eustress, Inc.

PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges are typical and understandable reactions to the constant deluge of news. Eustress, Inc. is a nonprofit focused on the mental health of the black community at large, paying special attention to students, young adults and athletes. It was founded by Charlotte, North Carolina, psychotherapist Rwenshaun Miller, and it's only one of many foundations and nonprofits that are trying to heal the scars of hundreds of years of abuse and mistreatment black people have suffered in America.

A quick Google search turned up list after list of resources for black mental health and well-being. We won't try to duplicate those efforts, but we can hope to boost the signal just a bit. Here is a "list of lists," so to speak:


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