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Worn & Weathered (Crew Sweatshirt)

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Antique Sapphire
Antque Cherry Red
Cherry Red
Cardinal Red
Irish Green
Royal Blue

Worn & Weathered... it’s how we feel. Nearly everyday. Sometimes, it takes every ounce of strength we have to get up, get dressed, and get moving. We feel like no one understands, so we do our best to put on a happy face and fit in with the rest of the crowd. But, we do what we have to do, after all, the world doesn’t stop on our account. For some, it’s a fluke, a bad day that will erase itself. For us, though, it’s just part of the daily grind, and we’ll pick it right back up the next day.

Grind on, brothers and sisters.
Grind on and show the rest of the world that they ain’t got shit on you.
We’ve got each other’s backs.

Printed on Gildan Sweatshirt - Crew.
Unisex, machine washable, high-density fabric.

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