IFHP Clothing Co. is more than a clothing company...



As individuals, our mental health is one of the most important things that we can ever possess. It dictates everything about us, from our thoughts to our mannerisms to our daily routines, yet it is a topic seldom discussed in the mainstream. In fact, to bring it up in the course of a conversation seems almost taboo.

We who suffer carry our mental issues with us everywhere we go... every single day. Yet, we put on facades to cover our flaws and our scars in hopes of finding a sense of belonging amongst everybody else in the world. It is for this sense of belonging that we hide our issues, avoid the stigma and judgement that unfortunately accompany our burdens, and we simply hope to continue "fitting in".

 - But what if we spoke up?

- What if we wore our flaws as badges of honor and became the NEW NORMAL?

- What if we made the discussion about mental health awareness more mainstream?

- What if we started a conversation that eliminated the stigma and we entered a generation of acceptance?

At IFHP Clothing Co., we want to start this conversation and we want it to spread around the globe.

No longer will be cast aside and left in the shadows, and no longer will be made to feel inferior because of our imperfections.






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